Friday, 16 July 2010

Preparing for the 2010 RC Car Speed Championships

I havent been around for a while but I have been working on the car. The car is basically the same since the last run and I am optimising it for speed. I have installed a new ignition device with a remote relay to fire off the chrge to ignite the rocket. I can now fire the charge from the 3rd servo. I tested this and it works great!

I have fitted a large 3ft X type parachute that is deployed using a small charge of black powder. This has been tested and works good stopping the car almost instantly.

I have tested the car and I managed a speed of 189mph on the radar gun. This shows that that 200mph is in reach with this setup. I will be preparing the car with a fuel load and run up for 200mph for the 2010 UK speed championships on September 11/12th.

Nic Cas is also preparing a car and will be running on August 15th 2010. He is also trying for 200mph. Friday 13th of August might be a good day to try for 200mph!

I have the parts for the upgrade of the Black Knight into the Black arrow. The names are following the UK rocket program of the 1950-60s. The next design uses a 54mm rocket motor 450mm long with 40lbs of thrust for 20 seconds. I will use the original accumulator but fit 2 external N2 tanks feeding the accumulator through a regulator to deliver a steady 750psi through the burn.

The problem for the next rocket is the line of sight. This is overcome by the use of an FPV system. I have ordered a long range system and the idea is to fit a camera on the car and wear video goggles to see out of the car in real time. I will test the system by modifying the car with an electric motor and running the length of the track. The track will be a suitable 2mile runway such as Bruntingthorpe. This is planned for 2011.

I'll post some pics and vids as I get them