Monday, 14 September 2009

New RC Car Land Speed Record

The UK RC Car Speed Championships were held at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday and Sunday 12-13th of September and this was a good chance to run the rocket car.

I prepared 4 fuel grains and had a 10lb bottle of NOS standing by for rocket reloads and the body shell was painted up by Ricks Body Shop in Kinver. He did a fantastic job matching the paint on the original Black Knight rocket.

The first run I loaded the accumulator with a small amount of NOS and pressured it up to 950 psi for a short run to check stability. The car went dead straight and the rocket stopped with half the run up still to go so the rocket coasted over the line at 58mph. A perfect 1st run

Next the rocket was reloaded and a full NOS load installed of 12 oz. This time the rocket fired and hesitated for a bit before launching off into full thrust for the complete run up. The rocket stopped right between the timing beams and the run was timed at 117mph for a new UK speed record

Next run was a copy of the 2nd but the rocket didn't warm up so much and I managed 107mph

On the Sunday I had one more fuel grain left so loaded it up for the final run. I drilled out the injector from 1.5mm to 2mm and drilled the exit nozzle out from 8.5mm to 9.5mm. I then connected the accumulator directly to the NOS bottle and loaded it up with 18oz of NOS. I connected the N2 and pressurised the accumulator to 1100 psi and iced it down and re pressurised again

This time we took the car back another 100ft or so and then let it rip for the run. The burn was much better and the acceleration far higher. As the car approached the trap i could see it sliding around so tried shutting it down but the rear brake made the car crab and it flipped just passed the trap

One of the guys read out the speed.....

163.51mph and a new overall world land speed record beating the 161.34 set by Nic Case in 2008...


Here is the video

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Here is the car and the unpainted shell

The body came out OK. A lick of paint and it will be ready to ROCK!!