Monday, 27 October 2008

First basic design

Here is the first basic design for the car. The NOS tank is 800cc snd the motor produces 5KG of thrust. The servo opens the ball valve so there is a throttle to the thrust. I will add front disk breaks, suspension and a body and that will be basically it. About as simple as an electric car

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Project Details

After building and running a number of IC cars at speed I have deceided to deviate slightly and try to build a non wheel driven car. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Ben Jarvis, one of the few guys in the UK that understands hybrid rocket technology and has the capacity and know how to put together a power system for the car. With his know how of hybrid rocket systems and my understanding of RC technology with regards to speed cars our team has a good chance of building a vehicle capable of 200mph. This car will be called "Black Knight"

The project is in the conception stage and we are actively discussing development and testing. The priority is to design, build and test the hybrid rocket power plant. Below is a picture of a hybrid rocket.

This one is larger than our design but helps explain the basic principle of the system

The tank is filled with NOS and a solid plastic fuel is loaded into the bottom chamber. The solid material is heated and the valve opened to allow the NOS to flow into the bottom chamber. The plastic fuel oxidises and produces the thrust.